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Mindfulness and overthinking abstraction

Abstraction is a fundamental part of human thought and conscious, something we use throughout our work, our studies and our daily life. Most people exist in a world of abstraction, so what is it? and why do we do it?

5 tips for meditation - from the AnAccidentalAnarchist.com

5 tips for beginners meditation

The aim of these tips is to share some of my practical experience to perhaps help other beginners towards some very sublime meditations. Before you read this, let me first […]

Mind the Gap - AnAccidentalAnarchist.com

Finding the gaps

Mind the gap, please mind the gap.  If you travel the London underground you will hear it regularly and see numerous signs and placards ‘Mind the gap!’ I like these […]

Sunset over Greenwich park - from the AnAccidentalAnarchist.com

You can’t have the sunset

I like watching the sunset, I do it quite often. I am lucky enough to live near Greenwich park and admire its serene glide into the London cityscape. People gather there, all […]

Do we really have free will? - from AnAccidentalAnarchist.com

The coin

So, I was reading something today that got me thinking about determinism and the question of free will, ‘do we really have it?’ It’s a fairly big debate with strong […]